As a reporter, I’ve covered collective bargaining agreements and high school football playoffs, mortgage rates and real estate. But no matter the subject, I’ve always enjoyed crafting engaging stories for readers.

These are some of my favorites from over the years, particularly during my career as a sports writer. I've had the pleasure of being welcomed into communities and homes throughout the nation.

Additional writing samples are available upon request. The stories here are merely a sample.





























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Soccer ThumbSomething’s Afoot
Arizona Republic

I had the opportunity to follow a girls soccer team to one of the premier youth tournaments in the West. I shadowed the girls everywhere – occasionally, much to their chagrin – but they eventually took to the “reporter lady” and let me into their lives.


He Made Good With What He Had
Houston Chronicle

Mike Singletary left an impact on everyone he encountered as a youth in Houston. But what surprised me most wasn’t that he was remembered – it was that an opposing quarterback could still feel the sting from being sacked by Singletary in high school.

LynxLynx Find a Coach
St. Paul Pioneer Press

There’s nothing like the thrill of having a scoop – and knowing you’ve beaten the competition. I got a tip that the Minnesota Lynx, the WNBA team I covered, had hired a new coach. I managed to get it on the record, and before deadline, by waking up a very nice and forthright athletics director at his Pittsburgh home.

SomersetCleaning Up Somerset High
St. Paul Pioneer Press

Small-town high school athletics have a special quality, and the fall of 2002 was a landmark season for Somerset, Wis. The football team’s unlikely state championship season awakened a student body, and an entire community.